Collaborative Science
by the numbers:

  • Citizen scientists trained:201
  • Models submitted:42
  • Projects underway:25
  • Observations submitted:317

Welcome to Collaborative Science!

This project is intended to help engage individuals in using technology to conduct locally based, but regionally connected, natural resource stewardship projects. We will use a series of web-based modeling and social media tools to engage Virginia Master Naturalists in conducting authentic science. This includes making field observations, engaging in collaborative discussions, graphically representing data, and modeling ecological systems. The goal of these efforts is to allow volunteers to engage in open-space conservation.

Seeking New Collaborative Science Projects

Do volunteers in your chapter have a conservation project in mind that could use some funding and expert help? We are seeking proposals from Virginia Master Naturalist chapters that would like to do Collaborative Science projects. Visit for additional details, and submit your proposals by July 15.